9.11.09 - Video excerpts added to Cognomi Theory slideshow
Short video excerpts from Lyman Emery's 4.11.09 lecture are now accessible within the slideshow from our Los Angeles exhibit.

9.03.09 - New Cognomi Theory photographs added to exhibits section
Photographs of our Los Angeles exhibit have been added to the exhibits section. Highlights include shots of Lyman Emery's stirring lecture on the Linian Emergence, and photos of the exhibit room, designed by Lyman's brother Kenneth Emery.

8.31.09 - Norene Z. Byrnes exhibit added
Norene Z. Byrnes: a Life of Linian Scholarship by Lyman Emery has been added to our exhibits section. Take a moment to learn about the life of this important Linian Scholar.

8.16.09 - Byrnes exhibit postponed to incorporate new information
In light of our recent discovery, our online exhibit on the life of Norene Z. Byrnes has been postponed. As soon as the notebooks have been thoroughly examined we will present an exhibit incorporating whatever new information they may contain.

8.10.09 - New exhibit added
An introduction to Candrian Color Mnemonics by Daniel Cooper has been added to our exhibits section. Take a moment to learn about this fascinating aspect of Linian Scholarship.

8.09.09 - Norene Z. Byrnes notebooks uncovered
The Society is pleased to announce the discovery of 2 previously unexamined notebooks by the late Norene Z. Byrnes, the preeminent Linian Scholar of the 20th century. The notebooks were found at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where Norene spent some time near the end of her life. As of yet, it is difficult to predict how this exciting discovery may impact the field, but as we examine the notebooks, we'll be sure to keep you informed.

8.03.09 - New exhibit added
Giuseppe Cognomi: The Father of Linian Scholarship by Lyman Emery has been added to our exhibits section. Take a moment to learn more about the origins of Linian Scholarship.

7.25.09 - Updated exhibits section
As we prepare to take down The Cognomi Theory of the Antarctic Interior, our Los Angeles exhibit chronicling the history of Linian Scholarship, we decided to take the opportunity to offer a greatly expanded version of the exhibit online. The first installment, The Tragedy of the Vessel Scopritore by SfLS researcher Fritz Sutherland, is up now. You can view the exhibit here. We will be adding a new installment each week, so be sure to check back.

7.19.09 - Update: research assistant position
Thanks to those that have applied for our remote research assistant position. Our selection process has been delayed somewhat but we should begin around the time our exhibit ends in August. If you haven't had a chance, we're still accepting applications. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

6.5.09 - SfLS seeks research assistant
The Society for Linian Studies is currently seeking a remote research assistant. Interested parties should contact

4.25.09 - SfLS now on Facebook
The Society for Linian Studies is now represented on Facebook. This new portal will serve as a meeting place for members and supporters of the Society. We will be posting photos, news and information.

Visit page.

4.14.09 - Thank you from Lyman Emery
Friends of the Society for Linian Studies,
I wanted to personally thank those who attended the opening of “The Cognomi Theory of the Antarctic Interior” this past Saturday. It was truly encouraging seeing so many of you there and knowing that all of our hard work was not in vain.

I must also apologize for the unfortunate incident involving the Benjamin Smyth Antarctic Institute, which left such a terrible mark on an otherwise enjoyable evening. Despite their aggressive attempts to intimidate the Society and demean our work, our resolve has only been strengthened.

I regret that I was unable to complete my lecture, but I hope you’ll understand that the situation required my immediate attention.

Moving forward, the Society is planning another event to occur within the coming months, where I will offer a more complete presentation.

Again, thank you for your support in the face of this contemptible opposition.

Lyman Emery  

3.12.09 - Date for Cognomi Theory Exhibit confirmed
The Society for Linian Studies is pleased to finally have the pleasure of formally inviting the public to the opening of The Cognomi Theory of the Antarctic Interior at The Velaslavasay Panorama in Los Angeles.

The exhibit will open Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 8:00pm with a lecture from our esteemed director Lyman Emery at 9:00pm. Refreshments will be served in the lovely Panorama garden.

Tickets are available through the Velaslavasay Panorama website.

We look forward to seeing you on this historic occasion.

1.16.09 - Expanded Cognomi Theory Exhibit to open in March 09
After nearly a year of planning and expansion, the Society for Linian Studies is now preparing to unveil a new and expanded exhibit on The Cognomi Theory of the Antarctic Interior. The new exhibit will go deeper into Cognomi's theory, and will highlight some of the most prominent Linian scholars in history. Please join the mailing list to receive further details about this exciting exhibit, scheduled for an extended run beginning in March 2009.

12.08.09 - New and improved to launch in early 2009
We are currently hard at work on a revamped The new site will have a host of new features, including profiles of prominent Linian Scholars, interactive maps, and more.

8.13.08 - Continuing legal difficulties push exhibit back
We regret to inform you that our continuing legal difficulties have forced us to once again postpone the re-opening of The Cognomi Theory of the Antarctic Interior. As soon as these matters are resolved we hope to announce the official date of the opening.

05.28.08 - Los Angeles venue secured for re-opening of The Cognomi Theory
After a long search the Society is pleased to announce that we have found a highly suitable location for the re-opening of The Cognomi Theory of the Antarctic Interior. We couldn't be more please with the new venue, and look forward to bringing the exhibit back to the public this fall in a new home and expanded format. The re-opening will feature a lecture from Lyman Emery, director of the Society for Linian Studies. Because of our need for discretion, we ask that you please join the mailing list in order to receive further details.

04.04.08 - The Society for Linian Studies is pleased to announce the return of Thanks to the hard work of our legal team, efforts to hinder our progress by the Benjamin Smyth Antarctic Institute have, at least for now, been supressed.

Moving forward, will be the public's primary resource for information regarding Linian studies. The site will be updated regularly with news, events, and educational features.

3.21.08 - Thanks to all who attended the premier of The Cognomi Theory of the Antarctic Interior at San Diego State University. Unfortunately, pressure from the Benjamin Smyth Institute and an unfortunate incidence of vandalism forced the exhibit to come down after only a day. The decision to end the exhibit was made with great difficulty, and we apologize to those who wished to view the exhibit and were unable to do so. We hope you will attend the reopening of the exhibit in Los Angeles. In order to avoid further incidents of sabotage, the date and location of the exhibit will be reserved for subscribers only. To join the mailing list, please send a request to We regret that we have been forced to resort to this screening process and appreciate your understanding.